Augmented Active Anatomy

  • 3D Stereoscopic

3A Concept of anatomical sciences

3A is an acronym for Augmented Active Anatomy. 3A concept is an idea to join together different electronic technologies which makes anatomy more immersive, faster in preparation and especially more effective three-dimensional visualization of the anatomical structures. This concept includes very cheap as well as very expensive technologies from anaglyph glasses to 3D virtual reality visualization on the basis of the Oculus Rift or HTC Vive enhanced by full range augmented reality techniques.


Augmented Virtual Reality Oculi

AR and VR anatomical structures of the human body multimodal visualization.

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Theatrum Anatomicum

VR Anatomy presents amazing dissections of the human body

Virtual interactive visit in the Theatrum anatomicum from Leiden allows seeing real dissections of human organs and structures.

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Books in 3A technology

The Axial Skeleton and Bones, Joints and Ligaments are the first in the world anatomical books which contain 3A technology. 3A is an acronym for Augmented Active Anatomy. In these books, 3A system is represented by two indexes, which allow you to extend (Augmented) the functional possibilities of these books in the field of searchable content (Active) of the anatomical and clinical terminologies (Anatomy).

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