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Bones, Joints and Ligaments

with 3D phantogram atlas

The second edition of Bones, Joints and Ligaments with 3D Phantogram Atlas is especially aimed at medical students who are in need of a concise and efficient way of revising entire anatomical concepts. This updated edition of Bones, Joints and Ligaments with 3D Phantogram Atlas is the second edition of the Clinical Anatomy series which combines new 3D visual aspects with the clarity of textual based anatomy. It creates a logical flow of information which contributes to a comprehensible and accurate understanding of human anatomy. In addition, it serves as a complete and systematic guide to anatomy, without the need for additional atlases. This textbook has been designed to support personal learning which allows medical students to independently grasp anatomical concepts.

Bones, Joints and Ligaments includes photographic anatomical phantograms. A phantogram is a presentation of stereopair images precisely recalculated by computer algorithms. Phantograms imitate the spatial perspective of an anatomical object when viewed with simple red/blue glasses. The phantograms inside this book are a form of stereoscopy which presents many real objects necessary to understand anatomical 3D relations.

Axial Skeleton

Clinical anatomy of skull and spine

English-Polish Study Guide for Practical Classes and Exams

The Anatomical Study Guide is a concise manual that captures the core fundamentals of the human skull and spine.

This reference book was created to make the revision for upcoming examinations fast and simple.
Divided into chapters and headings, it has a consistent format making it effortless to navigate. Featuring a total of 5,000 anatomical terms and an index makes it an invaluable resource.