Augmented Virtual Reality Oculi (AVRO) are enhanced and mixed reality (AR/XR) high-resolution glasses which display medical images compiled with IFIS (Interactive Fusion Images System). A system which allows for the integration of images from various sources such as computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging, and ultrasonography.

AVRO sets a new standard in medical imaging diagnostics, allowing the participant to immerse themselves and then view anatomical structures from outside and inside the body.

High-resolution fusion images and 3D visualization allow AVRO and ISFO to be used in a myriad of ways. Ranging from radiological diagnostics to operation planning requiring very high spatial precision. For example, the ability to ‘see’ nasal, oral cavities and other cerebral compartments can assist in both pre and postoperative outcomes.
Additionally, AVRO’s interactive capabilities also lend themselves to be easily used as educational aids in medical schools or for postgraduate specialist medical training.

  • High-resolution VR/AR glasses
  • IFIS (Interactive Fusion Images System) complied imaging system
  • Integration of various sources: CT, MRI, USG
  • Aid for radiological diagnostics, medical operations planning and many more
  • Easily used as educational aids in medical schools
  • Postgraduate specialist medical training


3D visualization of the axis
(second cervical vertebra – C2)
on the AVRO-pad